Sunday, 2 August 2009

I've cracked it!

I can use any amount of courgettes in cakes now - as long as they are peeled and grated! Another batch of American Vanilla cupcakes was made this afternoon, along with a chocolate, nut and courgette traybake. I also made an orange and poppyseed loaf (no courgettes there!) which has been well received. The chocolate traybake is very easily iced as they eat the squares by just adding a smear of chocolate spread over the top. The American cupcakes do take a little more effort, but I'll get to them tomorrow.

Apart from the baking, I watched a Catherine Cookson film on "Yesterday" channel, did three loads of washing which has been hung out and dried and is now folded, cooked fish pie for the troops and am now watching an auction on ebay where I have been bidding for some eggs to hatch in the incubator. I missed a batch this afternoon by just 50p, so I am hoping to get these! They are golden laced Orpingtons, and the birds look absolutely gorgeous! I also have my eye on some cuckoo maran eggs, but I can't bid on too many as the incubator will only hold about 14 eggs. I was going to buy another one so that I have all my early mornings and late nights at the same time over a three week period, but the chap selling them has gone on holiday until next Saturday so I'll just have to wait!

Pleased to report a No Spend Day today!

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silversewer said...

Recipe for the cougettes please. I have a massive one to use up and plenty more coming.....