Monday, 31 August 2009

Meet Coco!

Introducing Coco, the newly-hatched chick-in-residence!

Coco has made it through a couple of nights under the lamp, and has been seen to be eating and drinking, and even preening, so we are hopeful that he will make it. We have called him Coco because he is a lovely chocolate-brown colour at the moment - you might not be able to see that clearly from the photo as he is under a red lamp so that has distorted the colours a little. Should Coco turn out to be female, all the better!

Today has been an "at-home" day and I have loved it. The girls have been playing together as all their friends are busy/out and so they have covered the lounge floor with a train set and some Playmobil and had tremendous fun together. We have done some Professor Layton puzzles together on the Nintendo DS, and I have been gardening! I have dug over most of one of the raised beds where the chickens have manured it for me, so I have been digging that in. I also pulled up the pumpkin plants and harvested the pumpkins - there are four or five small (really small!!) ones and two decent sized ones. I'll be looking out for some pumpkin recipes soon.

For exercise, I have sent the girls out to go "round the block" ten times on their bikes on two occasions today as they were spending a lot of time on their bottoms! The second time the YFG went on her skates and got lapped by the EFG on her bike - no wonder, really. The YFG really flies along on her skates and looks so graceful. I must admit to having my heart in my mouth watching her though, as she goes at such a pace I am sure she'd hurt something if she crashed!

The chickens are laying 3 or 4 eggs a day at the moment, and I have introduced a new supplement called Poultry Spice into their diet as a short term measure whilst they are moulting. I hope it helps them as some of them are looking extremely bedraggled.......poor things!

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