Saturday, 29 August 2009

An early visitor

The FH crept out of bed in the early hours (well, it was early to me, but it may have been 6ish) and came back to say that we have one hatchling!

He said it was black, so I presumed it to be a Cuckoo Maran, but on looking myself and noting the position of the egg in the incubator, it is in fact a Gold Laced Orpington, so I guess it will lighten up a little as it dries and then as it grows.

It is exhausted from its struggle to get out of the egg, so it is just lying there most of the time, as its plumage is drying out from the egg. How exciting, though, to have one hatched, and still the hope of more to come today and perhaps even into tomorrow. Can't take photos in the incubator as I mustn't take the lid off or the humidity will drop....

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