Saturday, 30 April 2011

Ups and downs

I had to send the girls on their bikes down to the shop this morning to fetch me a newspaper for the photos from the wedding yesterday - and the papers didn't disappoint me: glorious full colour spreads of the balcony kiss, the wedding processions, the fashions, the mothers, etc - although the official photos aren't out yet. Perhaps tomorrow! That was one of the ups of the day.

The biggest down is that the washing machine has conked out, and so the FH has had to plumb a spare one that a neighbour gave us into the workshop. It is an old one, and I am not sure how reliable it is going to be, but if it lets me get the school uniforms washed tomorrow, I will be happy! The white wash sat in the broken machine for nearly two days, sopping wet, before we could manage to get the door open, and now it won't do a thing, except flash an orange light at us most forlornly.

I successfully made five banana and chocolate cakes today to use up the bananas which are still attracting fruit flies like the plague. I won't be buying any more for a while. One of the cakes can go to chapel for the refreshments in the morning, one can stay here to be eaten and the others will be stashed in the freezer. An investment in the future!

The girls have both been revising today for exams, both working hard - I am very proud of them both for the way they work hard and take their studying seriously.

I'm still feeling stressed, and my stomach is still a little upset, so I am trying to relax. I have finished all the paperwork for the selection process, and it is put away. I have got out a couple of Katie Fforde books to lose myself in tonight and tomorrow afternoon - they are very relaxing! Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

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saving for travel said...

Hope you get time to relax and feel better soon.

Sft x