Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A different kind of day

After the two weeks of holidays, it was back to reality with a bang this morning: straight into the school at 9.30am to talk to the staff about the headteacher selection days next week, pop into the chapel for a meeting about Knit & Natter, a new project the steward would like to get off the ground, and then home to gather the troops and off to Dad's for lunch.

Lunch was lovely - the gang all had fish and chips in "pensioners' portions" from the local chippy, and then MB had made rhubarb and strawberry crumble, which she served with ice cream, and one of her neighbours had also given her a beautiful plum pie which he had made himself - he is a widower of about 87 years of age, and the FH said it was really excellent pastry, and all home made. We sat around chatting for some time after the meal, and the girls were giving Grandad some pointers on his camera and mobile phone, whilst we had a cup of tea. We had to leave by 3pm in order to be home in time to turn the incubating eggs, but we had had a lovely time, and the YFG came home with two little sunflower seedlings - they are from sunflowers MB grew last year, and they reached well over 9 feet tall, so we are hoping for some whoppers here this year.

Talking of seedlings - the kale is through - the little seedlings were there this morning when I undid the plastic greenhouse to have a peep at them all. I can't believe how quickly they have grown, considering that I only sowed the seeds on Friday!

This evening the FH has been out on a wild goose chase! A friend in the village called him up to get some help with a swarm of bees in one of her outbuildings, but when he got there, the swarm was old and had been there for quite some time, and was so well ensconced in the crack in the building that he felt it would be impossible to get them out, and he has unfortunately had to recommend that the pest control be called to remove them - an absolute last resort, but he felt that there may be some disease in the "hive" because of the state of the comb that he could see.

Tonight I have been helping the EFG to list a load of books on eBay - she wants to clear some space in her bedroom, and she also would like some money to buy a camera; she has found the one she would like on the Amazon website so she knows she has to raise about £65. The sales of the books might help to begin with, and then we are going to sell some Playmobil as well, which may turn out to be a little more lucrative. We'll probably try to get that listed before the weekend, as I am sure that people who browse eBay might have some time this coming long weekend.

I have also had a little clearout - a big heap of magazines has been bagged up in fours and fives for the FH to take to the lunch club tomorrow for the ladies to take home to browse and swap amongst themselves. I have kept the Slimming World magazines, as I really need to use those!!

Anyway - better get off to bed! Good night!

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