Monday, 11 April 2011

Bother the weather

The sunshine has gone, and is replaced with gusty winds and overcast skies.  The chooks are not enjoying the wind, and I am sad about the lack of sun and warmth.  I really hope that that was not our summer!!  The YFG and her friend want to go to Wicksteed Park in Kettering next week, so I have ordered vouchers for their entry fee from the Tesco Clubcard site - hoping that they arrive by a week on Thursday, and that the weather behaves.  They can wear sweaters if it is chilly, but it must not rain!


saving for travel said...

Hope the nice weather comes back for a week on Thursday.

Sft x

The Squirrel Family said...

hope the vouchers arrive in time i have rdered restaraunt ones for a family meal thats upcoming.

will you blog about wicksteed? we often sty at ferry meadows caravan park in peterborough and have toyed with visiting wicksteed but wondered if it was worth the high entry fee?

Shaz N. Lincs. where the wind is just as blowy but it is at least 18 degrees ;)

Morgan said...

For £10 in Clubcard vouchers, I get £30 in entry vouchers, and the two children's wristbands for YFG and friend will come to £32 so I will have to add in £2. Then there is the car parking fee, I know.

However, we don't pay anything for ourselves as adults as we don't go on the rides - the YFG is almost 12 and she and her friend go off together. The parking is versatile so you can let them play on the things in one area and come back to you, and then drive over to another area and do the same again. We have always found it a very safe place - I went there with my family as a child and the FH grew up in the area and has always been in love with the park - he says that Charles Wicksteed willed that land to the children of Kettering - a very philanthropic chap by all accounts. It is beautiful parkland, there is loads to do and the kids always sleep well afterwards!!

The Squirrel Family said...

sounds perfect , must check it out for the summer