Monday, 18 April 2011

Gymnastics competition

Yesterday's gymnastics competition went well, on the whole. We took a rather different complement of gymnasts from the year before and the results reflect that. Some of the older girls who competed in this one last year have moved up a level and will be competing at a comp in June. That meant that the girls and boy in the comp yesterday were younger on average, and less experienced. A couple of our gymnasts weren't able to attend because of the late notice of the date, and that also had a minor impact on the results.

However, the gymnasts brought home 7 Gold medals, 9 Silver and 2 Bronze, so we are still very proud of them. A number of them also managed some very creditable 4th/5th/6th positions in large fields, so they are also winners!

The gym is on holiday now until the first Tuesday in May, so we have a couple of weeks to think about some new lesson plans and ideas for what we want to achieve with the gymnasts next term.

I have spent today mooching around and doing very little as I feel so tired after yesterday - like I am just getting over the flu, that kind of tiredness - and I wasn't up early this morning. The EFG has made some Whoopie Pies this afternoon, and we babysat some friends this afternoon whilst their mum was busy for an hour. They brought "The Sword in the Stone" DVD along, which stimulated some interested discussions between us about the many variations on the Arthurian legend - including the "Merlin" tv programme which is currently being repeated on CBBC in advance of the new season starting soon. I have a book called "The Road to Avalon" by Joan Wolf, I think, which I love, whether it is an accurate reflection on the legend or not. I even gave the EFG a middle name from the book!

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