Friday, 15 April 2011

700th post giveaway

Another milestone for me - 700 posts!
In a change from the past where I have given away cookery books and a set of talking book tapes, this time it is a gardening item.

This is a lovely little hardback RHS folder, called the "Allotment Notebook" but anyone who grows things could use it - you don't need an allotment to grow things, as we all know.
If you are not a gardener yourself, it would make a lovely present for a friend or relative.

So, comments please! 10am Monday morning, a name will be drawn from a hat and it will be posted off to the winner.


Anonymous said...

Happy 700th Post. Love your tales of "GROWLING in the Fens" Lol
Not been around much but still popping in to read as we look after Dad


sweet blondie blue eyes said...

Love to read your blog and see what you have been up to as a family.

Unknown said...

Congrats on your 700th post! I have a long way to go on my blog before I get there but maybe a giveaway would be good idea.

Wish I could nominate someone else, as I know SSsomeone who reads your blog and enjoys seeing what you have been up to as a family who would love it and deserve it.

Sorry for being naughty.

Take care Sft x

Morgan said...

Thanks, SFT - no reason why you shouldn't pass it on if you win it - very kind of you to think of others!

The Squirrel Family said...

700 posts

I love reading about your life, why is it it is the simple things that make compulsive reading

I will be blogging more once finals are out of the way and my life returns to some sort of normality

Lesley said...

Not sure if I'm eligible for this as I don't blog myself, although I love reading other peoples' and find them very inspiring. We love growing what we can in our small back garden and currently have beans, potatoes, beetroot, carrots and onions on the go!