Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Using it all up from the stockcupboards

Inspired by Frugal Queen, we are trying to eat up some of our stores to save some money towards the laptop expense. Above here are some fruit loaves and dough buns which I made from an Big Brands For Less big bag of mixture. The dough buns rose, were baked and then iced so we ended up with home made iced buns, just like you can buy in the shop but for a fraction of the cost. The fruit loaves came from the same mixture but with the addition of mixed fruit and a teaspoon of spices.

Today the FH and UJ went out to their lunch club, so the girls and I ate our main meal at lunchtime too, since they are on school holidays - chicken and broccoli from the freezer, coleslaw from the fridge, and Smash-type instant potato which was a little left in the bottom of an old tub and really needed using up!!

This was the chicken - I made a sauce from a little golden syrup and some ketchup, garlic and finely diced red pepper - and it was delicious.

Earlier in the week - another chicken concoction - home made stew!

And using up those black bananas - a firm family favourite. One to eat and one to freeze.

Tonight I watched "Superscrimpers" on C4, I think - what a revelation. Some of the army of older ladies have some fab ideas for moneysaving, and then there was the young mum, Sarita, who was spending over £300/month on clothes, mostly for herself, although she said some were for her young children. That is a lot of money to be spending on clothes on a monthly basis - and she was doing it on the internet, and a lot of the clothes were stashed in a wardrobe, unworn. A monthly gas bill of £96 was also swiftly addressed!

I'm so lucky to have found all the blogs I know of, and I am sure that there are so many more, which can teach me so much about spending wisely and saving for what we need.

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saving for travel said...

I agree that the Superscrimpers is a great programme designed to make lots of people think. I like the lady with cleaning tips and the creative lady, who has a passion for charity shops.