Saturday, 16 April 2011

Quick giveaway

Home Farmer magazine - I bought this one last month and then have subscribed, asking for the May issue, but got sent this one. I have rung up this morning and they are sorting it out for me - very nice people - so they said to pass this duplicate copy on to someone who would appreciate this.

First commenter who wants it, gets it!


Albedo said...

BH just spotted this and asked me if I'd ask you for it. She doesn't have a Google account at present.
This is just the sort of thing we love doing and we might even consider a subscription ourselves if it's any good!
Thanks; let me know how to send my details,

Morgan said...

It's yours! Just send me another comment with an address and I won't publish the comment.

Hope you enjoy it!

saving for travel said...

Yeah! Sounds like the mag is going to a great home!

Sft x