Friday, 22 April 2011

More sunshine and some gardening

The FH has been busy pottering all day, and so I have been doing some gardening - I finally got the seeds in! Three kinds of tomatoes, some peppers, kale, pumpkins, courgettes, leeks, chives and onions, rosemary and plenty of beans - runner beans and dwarf French beans, as well as climbing French beans - we love beans! They are in the greenhouse, and in the mini greenhouse in the verandah. Now I have to do some weeding to keep the beds ready to plant them out when they are ready in a week or three.

The EFG has made whoopie pies today with her friend, and they are mostly eaten! Now that she has made them a couple of times, I have two bowls of the marshmallow filling in the fridge - why she keeps making more I don't know, but I must find something else to use it up on.

We have had fish for supper today, in the Good Friday tradition - the folks had fish pie and I had some Value white fish with home made oven chips.

The YFG has had a very lazy day: she started off helping me in the garden and quickly got fed up with that plan and retreated to the coolness of the lounge - it has been hot again today - and she watched several films - a good Disney version of Moses, and then The Princess Diaries 2. Yesterday wore her out completely, and she has had a day to recover today - she'll be back at it tomorrow.

Tomorrow there's lots on, so I'll pop in now and again to check the blogs. Happy Easter!


saving for travel said...

Happy Easter!

Sft x

Varis Creations said...

Looks like the silver fox (sorry Paul Hollywood)'s 100 great breads book is being re-released at a decent price.

Happy Easter to all the fen family!