Saturday, 9 April 2011

End of term relief!

Yes, I finally feel like we have made it to the end of a long term!  Gymnastics classes are all finished now until after the Royal Wedding, and so we have almost three weeks of school holidays, apart from a pesky two days where the kids have to go to school on the Wednesday and Thursday between Easter and the Wedding - hardly worth the effort, but I know that there is a legal minimum number of days that the children have to be in school so they have to fit them all in somewhere!

I managed an extra hour in bed this morning, and then ended up doing the headless chicken dance, trying to get it all done before we had to go out.  I got to the shed to let the chooks out and found one a bit sorry for herself - her legs are not working terribly well and she was being trodden on by the others - chooks don't do sympathy or empathy at all.  I separated her and gave her some food and water; by the time I got home again at 3pm she was able to walk if she had to, but she preferred not to, so she had made a little progress towards recovery.  She is in a box with some straw in the shed, apart from her mates, tonight, and we will assess her tomorrow.  Hopefully she will be looking better.

Gym was busy this morning with 30 children and lots to do as it was the last training session before a lot of them have a competition next Sunday.   We came back to the village and dropped another child off and then stopped to have a chat with his parents for a while, enjoying a nice cold drink in their garden.

Later I took the YFG and went off to Huntingdon - I bought the laptop I want to save up for!  I know that sounds rather backwards, but I just took the money out of savings and committed to replacing it by the end of the month, which I know I can do.  We needed some new crockery and I wanted to buy a set I had seen in our local Tesco but when I went to buy it last night, they were out of stock, so I rang round and found out that  the big store had 15 sets in stock.  I was rather mystified as I thought wherever you bought something from a Tesco, it would be the same price - but not so - it was £20 in our local store, £19 in another, and when I bought it today, it was only £18.  I know that isn't a huge difference, but it is nevertheless a difference.  And so this doesn't fit with having a super-frugal month, does it?  No, it doesn't but sometimes you just have to do these things - the crockery has chooks on it and I just loved it!!  It hasn't broken the bank....

On the way home from Huntingdon, I called in to see my Dad and MB.  They have had someone out to sort them out with a Freeview box and new remote control, but they can't quite get the hang of it, so the YFG soon set-to and gave them a quick lesson.  It was nice to see them, and they would like us to go over in the holidays for lunch one day, so I must bear that in mind.

And so tonight - the EFG and FH are laughing at Michael Macintyre on the tv and the YFG is setting up the new laptop which she and I will share.  It is red.  She is very pleased that it is red!

My incubator is still sitting in the verandah covered in a thick layer of dust, but little Leah has gone broody, so the question now is what to do with the eggs I bought from Cornwall this week - put them in the incubator or trust them to Leah?  I think Leah might get a go - they arrived from Cornwall yesterday so I could sort Leah out with somewhere safe and cosy to sit and then put them under her tomorrow.....and I must get some other eggs in the incubator this week as otherwise time is ticking on and I am getting nowhere fast - nary a seed set this year yet either........


saving for travel said...

LOL I know exactly what tesco crockery set you mean, Mr SFT is buying me one of the mugs for Easter!(I instructed him to.). It's really sweet isn't it!

Hope you have some 'me' time tomorrow.
sft x

Morgan said...


Yes - they are gorgeous; I have already acquired a set of egg cups (can you believe that in this house we only had two old blue plastic egg cups?!?) and two mugs.....if the housekeeping budget can be slashed next week and they still have them in store, I may acquire more items, especially as they seem to be reducing them in price now!

saving for travel said...

My mum seemed quite interested in what I'd bought (Mr Sft and I have bought each other one each so we can have morning coffee in them) so like you I may see what they have left.