Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Early morning - bleary eyed

Good morning friends! I am up very early as I have a babysitting favour to do for a friend this morning: she has to take her mother to hospital for 7am, so I am going to her house at 5.50am to look after her children and get them to school at 8.30am in case the traffic holds her up, and to save the children having to go out at this time of the morning.......I am just sitting here with a cup of tea, coming round!

Today is looking very fragmented already:
babysitting job until 8.30am, home to let out the chooks and hang the washing, meeting at school at 10am, home for lunch, back to school for 1.30pm for a quick chat, home again probably, then the shortlisting for the HT job at 3.30pm for as long as it takes, then gymnastics till 8pm. It is going to be a very in-and-out kind of day, and I will be ready for my bed by 9pm tonight, I am sure.

I have packed the lunches for the girls and have to wake the EFG up just as I am going out the door to do something to her hair for her, then she will probably doze until 7am, when I will ring them to make sure they are both getting up. They will be fine to get themselves out of the door by 8am then.

Hope you all have a good day, and I will try to pop back later!


saving for travel said...

What a lovely friend you are to help your friend out!

I hope you enjoyed your busy day and appoint the right person for the job!

sft x

Morgan said...

Thank you, SFT! I am sitting here now, very tired indeed...we have narrowed the list of applicants down from 6 to 4 to invite to interview in May - I really hope we get a dynamic and motivational head out of this...Watch this space!!