Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Great Shoe Hunt

4 and a half hours, about 35 miles, two exhausted females, and finally, eventually, a pair of shoes that fit and she likes - yes, this is the great Fen Family shoe buying extravaganza!!

We started off in the local town, where we tried Stead & Simpson, Clarks, a discount outlet, and Tesco. Assorted other shops hampered our speed and we just had to pop in here and there to acquire other trifles like the weekly newspaper, and some chicken food. Then we gave up and travelled to the speciality shop in Downham Market - Smith's Shoes - where the wonderful lady found two pairs in the right size, only one of which actually fit, but the YFG also liked them, a bit.

The YFG was flagging, and had to be pepped up with a lolly, but all this shoe-trying-on is hard work on a girl, don't you know!! I was just glad that the EFG's shoes still fit for another half-term or so....


saving for travel said...

Glad you found some shoes, esp in this heat.

Sft x

Morgan said...

Yes, we shouldn't complain, but this heat has been a pain today!