Sunday, 1 May 2011

Special Sunday

We didn't arise too early this morning, as it being the first Sunday of the month, I was taking the 11am service at chapel, and I didn't feel up to going to the 9.30am service as well. We missed a treat, as it happened, as the preacher at the 9.30am was a retired baker and confectioner and he brought along cream meringues and chocolate eclairs!! My service went OK, although I could still do with more of a congregation....

The spare washing machine has been hard at it all afternoon but it has been so windy here today that the washing has dried in no time. I must have had five or six loads through it today, so what with the sun and the wind, the washing smells lovely - so fresh and clean - just as clean washing should smell.

We have enjoyed watching the new mystery drama, "Vera" tonight, starring Brenda Blethyn, and she is excellent. It was a rather gritty drama, and I really enjoyed watching it, although the YFG was fiddling with my feet half the time, and tickling me!! She has been working really hard today on her science revision, as has the EFG, so they both deserved a rest.

And William and Kate are not swanning off on honeymoon immediately, but enjoying a secluded weekend break in the UK before returning to Anglesey next week so that the Prince can return to work - I am impressed. That fits in so well with the dignified and not-over-the-top tone of the whole wedding; somehow two weeks somewhere hot and expensive would have spoiled that. Good for them. I must admit to being shocked at reading in the paper today that Pippa Middleton's dress would have cost around £20,000. That seems to be an obscene amount of money to pay for a piece of material, however expertly draped. I must remember to tell my girls not to fall in love with a prince, as there is no way I could afford it!

We are hoping for a hatch from the big blue incubator this week. In order to keep the bought in GPO eggs separate from my own ones, we have removed the bought in ones to another incubator so that when they hatch, we will know which birds are which. I am hoping for some good news by Wednesday! Will keep you up to date on that. I will have to get the FH to buy some chick crumbs on Tuesday afternoon when he takes the girls to gymnastics, and get the lights sorted out.

The EFG has sold a few books on eBay this weekend, so I must help her to sort them out and package them up to post on Tuesday. She's quite pleased to have some money in her camera fund already!

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