Monday, 25 April 2011

Even more outside work

I have been busy in the garden today, again - digging up a very overgrown strawberry bed, and relocating the best plants to a new bed, and then attempting to dig out all the grass and weeds which were causing all the trouble. I have a big and painful blister in the palm of my hand for my trouble, but 45 strawberry plants are now in the fresh, weed-free bed, well watered in and looking promising! More weeding on the agenda before that bed is clear, though...(small sigh!)

The girls have melted down some of their many Easter eggs, and used the chocolate to coat Rice Krispies and hey presto - chocolate covered Rice Krispie cakes - a blast from the past as I don't think they have made those for years - and there was exercise involved: a 2mile bike ride to the shop to buy the cereal.

We are off to my dad's tomorrow for lunch, so we have to get organised as tomorrow looks complicated already! 9am I have to go to a staff meeting at school, then to Knit & Natter at church for a while. After that, we can nip off to the lunch date. Hairdressing is timetabled for our return at about 4pm, just in time to turn the chocolate orpington eggs in the little incubator! The YFG needs a trim before she goes back to school, so B is nipping up to do that for us tomorrow afternoon. The evening will be spent sorting out clothes for school and packing their bags ready for the off at 8am on Wednesday morning - these early starts are going to be painful until we all get used to them again.

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saving for travel said...

We're back tomorrow. Not looking forward to the early starts either.

Sft x