Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Steamer savings

On Saturday, I piled all our ingredients for our evening meal into these pots and pans so that I could cook everything on the heat of just one gas ring!

Broccoli florets in the top steamer.

Carrots and potatoes closest to the heat in the lower steamer.

And a joint of boiling bacon in the pan at the bottom, cooking away at a simmer.

I mentioned to the FH that if only I had had another steamer pan, I could have put a rolypoly pudding on the top - he urged me to go and get another one so that he wouldn't miss out next time!!

I admit that we do like these joints and sometimes we have them with roast potatoes, but that involves the oven, and I am trying to cut back our electricity usage so this kind of cooking arrangement goes a long way towards that goal.

And the pans - the big one at the bottom is a very good quality one from John Lewis which I have had for 11 years - the only thing is that it used to be black and the coating wore off the outside! The top steamer is stainless steel and comes from the same purchase as the pan, but the middle steamer is about the same age as me, if not older, as it was my mum's, and is still going strong. I use a steamer almost every day, so they are worth while having.


Wannabe Sybil said...

Actually it is the middle steamer that I envy the most. I have a nice little set of three steamers, but they aren't big enough to do potatoes for all of us in the bottom, and the steamer sections only fit on my middle pan so there is still not enough room for enough potatoes. I am currently watching a universal steamer on ebay (my friend), but I may be able to find a better one elsewhere. WS x

saving for travel said...

Would you recommend getting a steamer to save money?


Morgan said...

If you cook the way I do, definitely! We have a relatively old fashioned meat and two veg meal several times a week, and it definitely saves money on the fuel costs if you pile the veg up in the steamer, rather than using multiple pans. Even if you are having rice on the side, you can still steam veg on top. Couldn't manage without mine!

Lesley said...

I've had a large stove top steamer for over 10 years. I love it and use it nearly every day. I'm sure it's paid for itself by now. I hadn't thought of boiling bacon in the bottom, I usually roast mine. I shall have to give it a go!

saving for travel said...

Thanks for the advice about the steamers!

Sft x

Morgan said...

Lesley - I also like the bacon joint roasted, but this way keeps it a little more moist. You just have to keep the pan topped up with boiling water and let it do its thing!

Sft - no problem!