Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Power up!

I was a trifle disappointed today with the whole electricity saga - there I was, expecting a good six hours of technology-free time!

The power went off at about 8.45am, just as the YFG was leaving for her day out, but later on, about an hour and a half later on, when the EFG, FH and I were enjoying a cup of tea, made with water from the flask I prepared earlier, there was a loud beep and we heard the answerphone come on, signalling clearly that power was restored.

I was dubious that that was that, and thought that since the power company had warned us it would be off for 6 hours, it might just be a temporary reconnection. But it wasn't. Power cut over.

I did enjoy the absolute silence for a while this morning - the kitchen was so quiet - no fridges humming away in the background, no kettle boiling, no toaster popping etc. And in the garden, one neighbour got his petrol mower out and did the lawn pretty early, which resulted in a lovely fresh-mown grass fragrance.

The overabundance of fruit flies in this area has been on the news tonight, and, boy, do we know what they mean!! There are millions of them, repopulating areas as fast as they are dying from the flyspray - and now my utility room looks like a fly graveyard and is going to need some heavy duty cleaning to get rid of all the tiny bodies. I want some of those hanging flypapers but I am not sure where to get any from, so I have asked UJ to check out a very traditional ironmonger's shop near where he lives as I think that if they are available, they will have them!

The FH and I spent some time in the garden this morning, before it got too hot. We were filling tubs with soil and then planting potatoes - I think we have 9 tubs of them now. We also filled some of the tomato troughs up with fresh soil, although there are more to do which need weeding before we can top them up. We still didn't get any seeds planted today - there's always tomorrow!


saving for travel said...

Didn't know anything about these fruit flies!

Interesting to think about what life would be like without electricity.

Sft x

Wannabe Sybil said...

Morgan - fly papers is, of course, on my friend ebay. I had a quick look and there are some relatively inexpensive. I never had much luck with fly paper though, have you tried citronella? Good luck, they are horrible! WS x