Thursday, 28 April 2011

School again today

Just when you think you have everything sorted out for the headteacher selection days on Tuesday and Wednesday - one of the candidates withdraws and mucks the arrangements up!

My stomach has been upset these past couple of days so I know that the stress of it all is getting to me, and I was really hoping that we had put the preparations "to bed" today, and could relax over the weekend........some things are not to be! I will be emailing some of my colleagues tomorrow and hope to get it sorted out quickly.

SFT - I didn't manage to snap any photos of our royal wedding, although the local papers were there, so I am hoping that they took some good ones.

Sorry that this is such a quick note, but I am getting weary and want to head off to bed soon!


Colin Ian King said...

Morgan, I know how stressful this must be for you! I'm praying that it all goes smoothly on the selection days and that the right choice is made. I hope that you have a restful weekend!

Morgan said...

Thanks, Lesley! I'm preparing the 11am service for Sunday now so I am hoping to take my mind off school for today and think about something else. If all else fails, I shall go and do some gardening in this lovely weather. Thank you for your kind thoughts - it is a blessing to know that we are being prayed for over this. xx

Lesley said...

Bother! I think I will have to ban Colin from the computer!

Morgan said...

It's OK - knew it was you!