Sunday, 3 April 2011

On Mothering Sunday in the morning

Here I am again - having a first cup of tea, reading some blogs, checking some emails, reading through the service I am delivering at 11am, and enjoying the peace and quiet!!

We are having, from today, additional monthly services, just on that first Sunday of the month, at 11am. The existing 9.30am service will be led by the preacher on the plan, and then people who can't be there at 9.30am can come along at 11am and they will have to make do with me. I have put together a service [my tenth - I have just counted them up in the book] which is more for adults than children, but if any children turn up, there are bits in it that can be adapted, but for which I shall have to rely upon the YFG to help me! We are going to the 9.30am service first ourselves, and then we shall have to get things sorted out for the second service....the FH has to go and fetch one older lady who would like to attend but needs transport. Even if we start small today, I hope it will grow throughout the year.

If you are reading this early, think of me at 11am and wonder as I am doing now, whether I will be facing a congregation of 3 (older lady, FH and YFG) or more!!


Frugaldom said...

How was the congregational turn out on Mothering Sunday? :)

Morgan said...

The turn out for the usual 9.30 service was as normal - about 15 in our little chapel - one lady was unwell and another had gone travelling to see her mother. Then the new 11am service - there were 6 of us there - not a bad start considering that the 9.30 service started with three people, and continued like that for many years! We will persevere!