Friday, 29 April 2011

What a day!

One of the kisses on the balcony

It was a lovely wedding - I can't get over how beautiful Catherine looked, the gorgeous dress, and all the pageantry and pomp were just wonderful. This is Britain at its best, surely. The crowds in London were loving it all, and we had the best views on the tv at home, from the comfort of our armchairs. Catherine is not over the top; she strikes me as very dignified, demure and reserved, so she should fit in well with the Royal Family. I thought her dress had echoes of the Queen's dress from 1947 with all that lace - very elegant.

These occasions always make me want to go and dig out a Royal Family tree so that I can work out who everyone is and how they are all related. I'm sure that Princess Alexandra is probably the oldest royal princess nowadays, and I think I heard someone say something today (one of the commentators) about the Queen being pleased now that her eldest grandson is married, but I thought that her eldest grandson was the Princess Royal's son, Peter Philips, who married the Canadian Autumn Kelly a while back........these are the sorts of things I think of and have to go and Google to satisfy my curiosity!

This afternoon I have been sorting out the 11am service on Sunday - the secondary readings for the day are all about the Temple, so I have constructed a service about the Temple and how God dwells in us now, according to the reading from Corinthians which is part of the service. I am going to email it all over to a mentor friend tonight and get the go-ahead on it all........


silversewer said...

I think what the Queen was referring to is the fact that the direct heir to the throne is married. Princess Anne's son is well dwon the list in line to the throne, although you are quite right he is her eldest grandson, he was born before Charles and Diana married.

Albedo said...

Lovely wedding, although BH & I only watched from 10:40 until the first hymn as we had so much work to do in the garden. And the sun was shining which means you make the most of it!
This morning (after some more time in the garden!) we made mango chutney using the recipe out of the Home Farmer magazine you sent us - thanks so much! It looks good and I'll probably put up some pics when I've stuck the labels on.

Colleen said...

We were up early to watch and we enjoyed it. Very lovely!

Many on this side of the Atlantic were excited about the proceedings. A local restaurant was serving a cream tea in honor (all right - honour) of the occasion; we were happy to partake!

Emily is very interested in historic fashions and she, too, thought Catherine's dress much like the Queen's wedding dress.