Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Sunshine - so much sunshine!

The sun was up long before me this morning - and the FH almost strangled me in the night with the lead to the CPAP machine, so there almost was no morning for me at all!! I am feeling more rested as the days go on, and today we have done less in the garden and a little more in the house instead. I did think about going outside, but it was just too hot.....and it is only April.

The verandah doors all had to be flung open, and we have had to think about putting some shade up in there of some kind as the freezers are working overtime in the heat.

The YFG went out at 3.30pm to her friend's house for a sleepover, so we have a quiet night tonight! She and the friend will be back early in the morning as they are off to Wicksteed Park with the FH tomorrow - they are so excited! I am probably going to take the EFG to the cinema for her treat.

I'm off now - heaps of ironing to do after all the washing I got dry yesterday!!

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saving for travel said...

At least we can dry our washing outside.

Ironing is a real pain isn't it..I try and do it in front of a travel or wildlife programme so it doesn't feel too bad.

Sft x