Monday, 13 January 2014

Top up shop

There had to be a small extra shop on Saturday to get the lunch meat and a couple of things which I either couldn't find in the Co-op or thought were too expensive in there....

So I have also bought:

Two tins of spaghetti hoops for £1.00 [This is what happens when I shop with help.  I really try to shop alone.]
Risotto rice £1.10 for 500g.  I still think that is expensive but it was cheaper than the Co-op.
Cheese spread £3.00.  This means 3 rounds of Laughing Cow Light Cheese Triangles.  They are good for the EFG as they are only 25 calories a triangle and she uses them instead of margerine in her sandwiches.
And the lunch meat - which is what I went for in the first place - £3 for two packs.

Grand total of £8.10 which I believe takes me just over my £25 for the week ahead, but since last week was under budget, I am not going to panic.

Spending ahead - shouldn't be much!  The FH's £4.50 lunch club on Wednesday and the YFG's piano lesson on Thursday are already worked out and in the budget, and there is everything I need in the house already for the meal plan for the week.

The only thing I have to spend on that I know about is a fish tank for my step-son, who has found it on Gumtree and asked me to get it for him because the seller is much closer to us than to him - but I have hopes of getting that fiver back again!  I have to text the seller today and organise the collection.

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