Sunday, 12 January 2014

And the winner is..............

Each person's name was put into a margerine tub [we're a bit frugal here, remember?] and if they had commented more than once, they got the appropriate number of slips of paper with their name on it.....and the YFG swooshed them all around a little and then she pulled out:


who blogs over at Frugal In Suffolk.  The prize doesn't have far to travel this time!  

Please get in touch through the comments and leave me a note of your address, which I won't publish, and then the wee parcel can be winging its way to you early this week.

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday: I have had a short nap this afternoon and now I have just lit the fire and got the dinner started.  Looking forward to Sherlock later xx


rabbitquilter said...

Well done Frugal in Suffolk! No comment really, just to say I have had an amazing day. No.1 son and daughter-in-law popped round earlier to say I'm going to be a first time Nana later in the year!! VERY early days, but if I don't tell someone I will BURST!!!! X

Morgan said...

Heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to all the family, RQ - how exciting for you all! Hope everything goes well, and I am sure you will have lots of fun to look forward to with the wee one!
Lovely news - thank you for sharing xx

Frugally challenged said...

OOOh! A connection between two of my favourite blogs. I'm still trying to decide if I want a blog of my own yet, but ou are both inspirations.

Angela said...

Well done FIS!! I love it when a giveaway is won by someone whose blog I read as well - like FC above, I am excited by the connections between us all