Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Challenge shop 1

I was all set to go to that supermarket after we had been to the cinema yesterday but then, on the way there, we heard on the radio that the Co-op was offering a £5 voucher off a £20 shop each time you spent £20 and since £20 was about all I planned to spend today, it seemed like a good idea to call in at the Co-op on the way home to do the shop instead.  So I did.

Here we have salad cream, two bottles of squash, and cold meat for sandwiches for the girls.

And here there are large potatoes, apples, bananas, frozen beans and frozen broccoli, and two bags of frozen hash browns.  The hash browns were £1 a bag, and the girls asked for them as they had them each morning on the cruise for their breakfast - I think hash brown and fried egg was a favourite breakfast!  It would be Ok for them to have that occasionally, as the chooks are just beginning to think about laying now, so I have had about 5 eggs this last week from them!

So I have spent the grand sum of £18.85 so far this week.

My apologies that the menu page isn't up yet: it is on my to-do list for today now that the girls are off to school again.......there may be slightly more time for me.

Yesterday's trip to the cinema was good, and I really enjoyed "Saving Mr Banks" which is about PL Travers and Walt Disney as they "discussed" making the film of Mary Poppins.  I had a tear in my eye quite often through the film, and it is one of the films that I would consider buying on DVD as I think I could watch it again and again.  I'd highly recommend it if you haven't seen it - Emma Thompson is very good in it and I think she is a very fine actress.  And it was all the better for not having to pay for my tickets - thanks to that supermarket's voucher system!


veeknits19 said...

Great shopping trip, well done! Thanks for the film review, it sounds like one to go and see.
Have you heard about the Change for life promotion all about healthy eating? I saw an ad on TV while I was knitting & have signed up for it. Although we don't really need to change anything diet wise except for portion size & to stop picking, and that will stop now Christmas is in the distant past! Change4life (textspeak creeps in everywhere!) offers vouchers -they were the attraction, so we'll see what comes in the post. Thought you might be interested in the vouchers, its at https://smartswaps.change4life.co.uk/
Have a great day, Vee x

Angela said...

Thanks for the review of Mr Banks- I have been wondering about going to it if I can. PL Travers was a fascinating lady, and I was aware that she and Walt D had different...philosophies of life..so I knew a film exploring that should be interesting.
I now have a co-op loyalty card, and will be interested to see how much I get back at the end of the year. Co-op is not my regular shop, but sometimes I 'top up' there. I find their reduced/close to date section is excellent for bargains.

Morgan said...

Vee - I shall look into that one so thank you v much for the links.

Angela - I don't get much back from my divi card there but I do want to support local shops, and the Co-op does a lot of good in small communities, I think. They are willing to stick a little supermarket in places that the other lot wouldn't consider....and when they give us an offer like this, I am all for it. Shopping in a smaller place with slightly less choice can help when sticking to a budget as there is less to tempt, although I also admit that the prices can be higher. Swings and roundabouts all the time!

rabbitquilter said...

Did you manage to get your voucher if you only spent £18? I have been delving in the depths of the freezer for the past couple of days as I have felt a bit under par, am surprised what I have stashed away in there!! I AM going to work my way through the freezer before Easter, so I can refill with far more enticing food from Dorset when we put our caravan down there in March (weather permitting!!!). Meat from proper Butchers and veg from Greengrocers always taste so much better and seem cheaper, or is it my imagination?!!

Morgan said...

You are very observant, RQ ;) I spent a little on a pack of feminine items that tipped the actual bill over £20, so yes, I got my voucher, but that sort of thing is not included in the grocery challenge total, if you see what I mean x

tylasnan said...

Hi Morgan, I live just half an hours drive from where PL Travers was born in Maryborough, Queensland. Every year they have the Mary Poppins Festival and one of the main streets has a Mary Poppins statue.

Cheers, Karen near Gympie.

Morgan said...

Karen - small world, eh?! Have you seen the film? The portrayal of the Australian childhood of PL Travers seemed quite romantic in some ways and I wondered how realistic it was. It is very weird that you pop up in my comment box today as I had Gympie on the brain yesterday and knew that I knew someone from there and just couldn't think who - but it's you :)

tylasnan said...

No I have not seen the film as it was only released here in Australia today. I don't tend to go to the cinema much so will wait 'till it comes out on DVD.

Cheers, Karen near Gympie