Sunday, 19 January 2014

Lesson of the day

Before you travel to a chapel you have only ever visited once, over a year ago, make sure to check the map.  When you leave the house 45 minutes before the service starts and find yourself in the middle of the flat plains of the Fens, with no landmarks in sight and not a soul to guide you, you will start to panic.  You will flag down passing white vans, and even they may not have heard of the place you want to be!  You will look frantically in the boot for the map book - it won't be there....and you will fall happily into a small newsagent's shop and the kindly chap behind the counter will take pity on you and draw you a map!  You will make it to the chapel with FOUR minutes to spare.  The congregation will forgive you.......and even ask you to come again.

Such was my morning.  The congregation were amazingly welcoming and I shall be delighted if I am asked back there.  It was blessed, and uplifting to be there.

This afternoon, when the FH and I got home, by a more direct route, we sat and talked with the girls for about an hour, and then later on, the FH's son and his friend dropped by, and we talked for another good hour.  Tonight, I have watched "Call the Midwife" sat on my posterior, so I think that I can safely say I have had my fair share of just sitting today.  I hope you have had a restful weekend, and I am looking forward to catching up on some of your blogs tomorrow.


Angela said...

When a ministerial student, Bob sat in his car in the church car park for AGES wondering why nobody had turned up. Then he got out and asked 2 lads who were passing, in Brigade uniforms - only to discover he was supposed to be at the OTHER Baptist church in the same town - a few miles away. He got there with minutes to spare, to find the deacons having a frantic prayer meeting in the vestry!!!
so glad all went well for you in the end today
we had a churches together united thingy at the Catholics this evening,. I am STILL feeling cold, 3 hours later!

ciao said...

Sounds just like our church, hope the welcome was warm.
Morgan where abouts do I click on the amazon site as there are loads of different app thingys and none said computer, god bless

Morgan said...

Hi Ciao - hope you are well - lovely to "see" you again :)

If you click on the link in the post about the free book which says "free download of the Kindle reading app" it takes you to a page with a picture of a laptop on it. To the left of the laptop is a black button with "Download now" on it - suitable for Windows 7/XP/Vista I believe. Hope one of those is OK for your computer. Good luck with it!

Morgan said...

Ang - so glad it is not just me :)