Thursday, 16 January 2014

Book review of a thrifty title

Grandma's Ways for Modern Days
I spent half a week looking after someone's chickens a few years ago, whilst they went on holiday.  The YFG went with them for part of the time that they were away, and when they came home, they brought me an egg poaching pan, and this book.  They thought it would be interesting for me - and they weren't wrong.  Some of the girls' friends have called us "old fashioned" but this family understood where we were coming from, and they kept chickens, had fruit trees in the garden, grew some veggies and had a woodburning boiler in an outhouse!

The book is a lovely trot through lots of "old fashioned" type ideas, but with a modern edge to them all.  There are beauty treatments [I should probably try some of those!], household cleaners to make, soap to try, as well as lots of "grow your own" advice before it moves on to backyard livestock - hens, bees and ducks are covered.  Making your own bread, and then butter and cheese appear.  There are sections on cooking family meals, and a bit of home brew too!  Preserving the garden's bounty is also an important section.

I have found lovely hearty recipes in here like Lancashire hot pot and leek & potato bake, as well as Christmas feasts and home made toffee.  I haven't got a favourite section as I just love the whole thing! It is a book for the modern times but with all the wisdom of the past recognised and respected.

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The authors, Paul and Diana Peacock have written other books, and apparently appear on BBC Radio as well as writing the Mr Digwell column for the Daily Mirror.  I can't say that the black-belt tightwad will learn anything from this, but it would certainly be interesting to get it out of the library and have a good nosey through it.  I was very glad to receive it as a gift.


Tasmanian Minimalist said...

Wonder if I can find it in the library ?

rabbitquilter said...

What a useful present! Hearing about backyard animals reminds me of my favourite book of all time (it ties for 1st with The Thorn Birds!!), a book from my childhood called The Family from One End Street! The Dad was a Dustman and kept a pig!! In fact I may have to go and have a rummage for it, will make a break from cutting oranges for my Marmalade!! X

Lyssa Medana said...

Some books have a real impact and leave their stamp. Thank you for sharing. WS xxx