Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Top Tips

I had a thought this afternoon - a random thought that just popped into my mind, and I laughed.  "TopTips for new students leaving home for university life."  I was reading a guide on the Aberdeen uni website, and this one wasn't there:

#1 - Make jolly sure that there is loo roll left on the roll before you sit down as you won't be asking anyone to fetch you a spare one!

We are going to Aberdeen in March, the EFG and I.  Another adventure is planned but this time we are going north instead of west, and this time the train is taking the strain, instead of me and the Skoda.  The EFG needs to get a 16-25 railcard, and I just have to take the hit and pay the fare as the only way I could get the ticket any cheaper would be to take the YFG with me and have a Friends and Family Railcard.  She can't miss three days of school, so she can't come this time!  I have looked at some of the hotels that the university recommends for people attending this Visiting Day, and they are not cheap - the one that tops the list comes in at £299 a night.  I think not.  But even the "budget" hotels are looking at £99/room for a night.  That seems steep, and would still leave me with the cost of eating out.

But I have a solution.  There are self-catering flats in Aberdeen, and they are relatively reasonably priced - I have booked a one bedroom [twin beds] flat for 2 nights for £130.  For me, that is a bargain and good for my health as I will be in full control of my food, and we will have all the comforts of home.  The deposit was sent off today, and the lady in the office has promised that the time our train gets to Aberdeen [9.15pm!] will not be a problem.

We will arrive on the Tuesday evening, attend the day at the uni on the Wednesday and then have until 2pm on the Thursday to look around Aberdeen a little before we catch the train home.  Hopefully the EFG can catch a doze on the train, because it will be after 10pm when we get home but she will still have school on Friday.

I am enjoying the planning and the scheming to achieve this for as little as I can whilst making sure that we do what needs to be done.


Lyssa Medana said...

What a wonderful adventure! I am sure EFG will be fine, she has a good example. Good luck! WS xxx

Wendy P. said...

Hi there! Great trip coming up! Do you have any C******d vouchers lying around from that shop you're not too keen on, lol? You can get Railcards through the Boost thing, for £15-worth of vouchers (compared with around £26-£28 or so, I think?)I got my last Family & Friends one with vouchers. All helps to stretch the pennies! Enjoy the Granite City! Wendy P.

Pamsy said...

Hi there, good luck on your trip to Aberdeen. We looked at the Uni for our son and I was very impressed but in the end he went elsewhere. I live in Scotland and we go up regularly to visit friends and it's a lovely city. However, because of the Oil Industry, it's a very expensive city to live in, don't want to put you off but weren't sure if you are aware of that fact. Plum x

Louise said...

What a good idea for a post. My eldest is also hoping to start University in the autumn. Good luck with your trip to Aberdeen and what a great idea to be able to stay in self catering accommodation. I look forward to reading about it. Best wishes Louise x

Morgan said...

Thanks for all your comments :)

We had heard that Aberdeen is an expensive place to live, but life is getting to the stage that a lot of places are expensive! I don't think Reading would be a cheap place, and that is also one of her choices. Aberystwyth is probably the cheapest place on her list, with Lincoln just behind. The scholarship and bursary situation at Aberdeen is a good one, and she will hopefully get some extra help there too.

I shall report back in March when we have had a look!

Morgan said...

PS Will have a root around and see if I have any Clubcard vouchers left - there might be some! Didn't know that, so thank you v much xx

rabbitquilter said...

No! Reading is NOT cheap!!! Sounds as if you have managed to sort your trip out very successfully, I'm sure you will have an enjoyable time. Will look forward to you report!!! X