Monday, 27 January 2014

Monday morning comes around again

Actually, I know some people really dread Mondays but I like Mondays the way I love September and the New Year - it is a chance to start again, on however small a scale!

I have had a quick check through the bank balances this morning, and when I go outside in a minute, I need to read the electricity meter - I keep the key to the meter cupboard in my outdoor coat pocket these days - saves trying to come in in muddy boots to fetch it from the utility room shelf!

I need to scuttle around the house quickly and do some housework this morning, and then I have to pick up the YFG from school and take her to Peterborough hospital to meet a physiotherapist about the headaches she gets.  The consultant we saw before Christmas seems convinced that the headaches stem from knots in her neck, but the YFG doesn't think that the physio will do much good since she herself believes that the headaches are sinus-related.

I filled the car with diesel on Saturday and so I am planning a no-spend day.  I need to have a run of them this week to stay in my budget for the month, and in reality there is nothing we need.  With the AF order coming next week, and the weekend shop at Aldi done, we have a full fridge, larder and stores!

The end of the month is looming, and so I need to gather everyone together to sort out the February menu plan.  I think I shall present them with a list of the available ingredients and see what they can come up with, bearing in mind the daily constraints of time and people available to cook.  I am firmly in favour of the whole meal-planning scenario as it has been amazing this month [again!] to have the plan in place on the wall in the kitchen, and not to have to try to work out what to cook each day.  It has also helped to balance out the different kinds of meals we enjoy.

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Heleng said...

Like you I've been menu planning this morning. I made use of the Aldi voucher (thanks again for the info about that) and stocked up on toilet rolls, coffee, sausages and oven chips for the freezer, baked beans etc. etc. I haven't done an Approved Foods shop since well before Xmas as I have so much in stock. I have managed to use a lot of it this month, but there's still boxes and shelves full in my bedroom. I'm intending to go through it all and take an inventory and then plan meals around what I have in, trying to use up as much as I can before its so past its sell by date I will have to throw it out. Since DD3 and her BF are moving out this weekend leaving just 3 of us, until DS2 comes home for the holidays, what I do have in stock should stretch for a very long time.