Saturday, 18 January 2014

Catching up

Occasionally, a cat's life looks appealing, don't you think?

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Tomorrow afternoon, I plan to sit.  Just sit.  Possibly the tv might be on, the girls may be busy chattering, or doing Just Dance on the Wii, the FH may be doing yet another jigsaw, but I hope to do nothing.

In line with my plan to go slower this year, I am finding that actually, I have to carve out space for "nothing" time, or else there is always something that I could find to do.  As I sit here typing tonight, I could be washing the kitchen floor, starting on the mount of ironing, packing my bag for the morning's preaching, looking through today's receipts [spent money today - whoops!], washing up after dinner......but there comes a time when a body just has to say, "No, tomorrow will do for that."  "Or even Monday!"  I have about an hour now before I need to go to bed, so the washing up will get done, and I will iron my clothes, but I have told the girls that they have to do their own ironing tomorrow.

Knitting and crochet are good for me, in a relaxing sort of way, but even that has a way of making me feel that I should be Doing something - I am conscious that I haven't got anything on a needle this year yet, and I am teased by my mind saying, "Come on, cast on a hat!"  All things in moderation, I think that the wisdom recommends.  Finding moderation would be a start, some days.

Wishing you all a peaceful weekend, with some time to sit and stare occasionally thrown in!  Rest and relax just a bit.


rabbitquilter said...

It does everyone good to have some quiet time occasionally I'm sure. After a very busy week and an epic amount of cake-making, I too have sat and done not a lot in front of the fire this afternoon!!! Am just going to sew the thread ends in on a quilt I am making, nothing too strenuous!! The mountain of cakes were for a charity quiz night my daughter-in-law had organised at the Nursery where she works!! I had a ball and, even better - our team won!!! Just proves 'us oldies' (me and d-in-l's Mum) aren't as silly as we look!!!! A fabulous evening and over £300 was raised for Daisy's Dream!! Back to the grind tomorrow!!

Morgan said...

Well done on such fab fund-raising! Sounds like everyone had a good time as well, and congratulations on the win xx