Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Hold back and save

Sometimes, waiting is one of the best strategies for saving money.  Putting off a purchase whilst you make jolly sure that you want the item is one way of looking at it, and delaying renewing a membership to s-t-r-e-t-c-h the time covered is another way.

What comes to mind this morning, though, are the discounts that retailers will use to reel us back in if we haven't been shopping with them lately.  A lot of them do it, and it is of course false economy to go and spend vouchers if the items are not things you really really need.

I have been holding off with an Approved Food order for a while - I know I need to stock up in some departments of the stores here, but with the delivery charge at £5.25 for 25kgs of shopping, you really have to make every penny count.

Yesterday, I received an email from Dan at AF, offering me a unique code [so I can't share it, apparently - shame!] for Free Delivery on the first 25kg of an order, as long as I order before midnight on the 27th of the month.

I think I just might take him up on that.  The delivery charge is the one downside I find with AF, so if I can have my delivery for free, I shall be much more likely to go and have a virtual skate down the aisles and see what I can find that would fill some holes in the stores.  There is a lot of junk food on the website, I feel, but the golden nuggets are also in there and waiting to be found.

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Welsh Poppy said...

I do agree there is a lot of junk food there but some rare gems.I have not ordered with them in 6 months.But due to a similar code I placed a small order £23 and got 36 soya yoghurts my favories and some bread mix.