Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Birds galore

The latest jigsaw - finished last night.

If I wanted to, I could put a frugal angle on a jigsaw - I could say that they are a good way of spending time which doesn't cost a lot, and that whilst the FH is sitting doing them, he isn't out doing anything that costs money!  We also have a free local supply in that there are ladies at chapel who share their jigs with one another and have offered the FH a lifetime's supply!

However, I'm actually just using my blog as a place to record our lives, and for today, I want to keep a picture of this beautiful puzzle, taken by the YFG before it is broken up and lent out to someone else to enjoy.  It is a little bit of a shame that you can't see the line of ducklings which follow their mum right at the bottom of the picture - they are very cute!

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