Saturday, 11 January 2014

Challenge shop 2

Still using the Co-op for the grocery shopping this week, to spend the £5 voucher I got for the previous lot of shopping, so I had to organise myself to do the shop yesterday, because that is the day I go to the town where the Co-op is, when I collect the YFG from school to go to it meant I couldn't buy anything chilled or frozen because it would be 5 hours before the shopping arrived home.

No photos today, since I was in  a hurry to get the tea when we got in from gym, so you can have a wee list instead:

3 loaves wholemeal bread, reduced to 73p each = £2.19
1.5kg Strong plain bread flour = £1.19
Co-op Savers 500g grated cheese = £2.65
Punnet plums = £1.50
Large head of broccoli = £1.20
Bag Chantenay carrots = 0.90
Bag braeburn Apples = £2.00
Savoy cabbage = £1.00
One Courgette = 0.75
Small punnet clementines = £2.50
Two small bags potatoes = £2.50

The grocery challenge part of the shop therefore comes to £18.38 but I wanted to make sure that I received another voucher for next week and was able to spend the one from the last shop, so I added two £1 shower gels to the basket, and made it over the £20 - £20.38.  This activated the voucher and I received £5 off this total, meaning I actually paid £15.38 for this week ahead's shopping.

I shall have to buy some lunch meat for the girls' sandwiches, but I can do that and still come in under the £25 budget for the week.

The items bought represent what I need to make the dinners on the meal plan until next Friday, as well as items for baking and some fruit for lunchboxes and snacking.  When we have eaten all the fresh veg, we will move over to the frozen stuff I have stashed in the freezer, and there is also tinned and frozen fruit, so just because I have not bought masses of fruit and veg does not mean that we won't be eating plenty!

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sweet blondie blue eyes said...

Hmmmm I need to have a go at this and see how it turns out, we have a warm airing cupboard on the landing.

Will print off the instructions and see how I get on.