Friday, 24 January 2014

Early start

I have been sitting here early this morning, catching up on blogs, checking the bank account, and reading a forum or two.  I seem to be too far behind in some of them to make any useful comments, but at least I read and I am grateful for the shared wisdom that the resource provides - I do contribute when I can.

The EFG has an early appointment this morning so I have had to rise and shine before the dawn chorus today!  Still, plenty to do so not a problem to get going a little earlier than normal.

I am struggling to really believe that we are heading for the end of the month at a rate of knots already! It only seems like the blink of an eye since it was Christmas, but here we are, weeks later, and the weather is just beginning to turn colder - we have a frost in the Fens this morning and there is a weather warning out for ice until 11am today.

Pleased to say that so far, this month has been going well.  There are lots of things I haven't done yet, but also plenty happening as planned, so can't complain.  I shall do an end-of-the-month finances round up when we get there, but so far, I think I am on track, and that is even with some unexpected extra expenses [deposit on flat in Aberdeen, three-year student railcard, Biology text book, double hit on Car insurance, etc].  Heads are definitely above water at the moment.

We are heading into the last week or so of the planned menu and the girls have requested more input into the February meal plan, so we are thinking about what we all like and they have been told to come up with some suggestions this time......cottage pie and fish pie have already been put forward.  I shall be making an order up for AF this weekend too, so my stock cupboards will get some replenishment, what with that and an Aldi shop this week.  The grocery challenge has had to go out the window for the forthcoming week because I need to spend some dosh on food at last!

Hope you all have a good day, and keep warm if it is chilly where you are.  If, however, you are in Australia, I'm envious!


Sue said...

Where do you live in the Fens? Used to live not far from you and now up in north Scotland. Make sure daughter has lots of warm clothes and bedding moving up here - it's much much colder! Aberdeen uni is lovely and the city is a nice size. Does she have an unconditional place? What will she study? My son is aiming to go there too. Good luck.

Morgan said...

Hello Sue, good to hear from you. Yes, we spent 10 years living in Cupar and I know how chilly it was there so I imagine that Aberdeen is a good sight colder! She has a conditional offer depending on her A level results. She should achieve well enough to come, we think! She wants to study Biochemistry....far outside my sphere of knowledge! She was born in Kirkcaldy in Fife so she would be coming "home"! Hope to hear from you again, good luck to your son and let us know how he goes on too please? Thanks xx

Anonymous said...

I was only saying to my husband last night: how is January nearly done already?!

Hope you're having a great weekend :)