Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Slower days

Last week, the FH and I enjoyed some days at home. Days where the cars didn't move off the drive and we didn't even venture out the front door.  Days when I wore my scruffy house/garden clothes all day.
Peaceful days that he spent most doing jigsaws, staying awake instead of nodding off by the fire, so that he slept much better at night.

Days when I "got things done" like sorting out the car insurance, juggling the monthly budgets around to allow me to pay for a combined policy instead of two separate ones, but now they both renew in January instead of spreading the cost over January and February!

Days when there was time to pull leeks from the garden, peel UJ's potatoes and enjoy a free lunch of leek and potato soup - warm, comforting and very filling.  And we love it so much that we did that on more than one day.

This week my days at home need to include re-arranging the chicken houses so that the chooks are less muddy, sorting out a mammoth ironing heap [again, I know.  Kids should have fewer clothes.] I have to spend time looking at the EFG's finances for her hoped-for new life in Aberdeen, and what she will be able to afford.  We've got forms to fill in for scholarship applications too.

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