Thursday, 23 January 2014

Baby Bakewells

Look what the EFG made tonight whilst I was out with the YFG at the piano lesson:

Baby Bakewells - they are wee mouthfuls of deliciousness, so I am told.

She adapted a recipe she found on the GBBO website, and miniaturised them.  There were 24 made, I understand, but the FH has been involved in quality control to a greater degree than strictly necessary!


cochranegirl said...

These look lovely - hope they taste as good as they look! Meant to comment on Aberdeen before as I went to Robert Gordon's College way back in 1979-80. My home town is Paisley (near Glasgow) and I loved Aberdeen, but oh boy, it was COLD. Bracing, but COLD. Wrap up well! Great city to study in.

Lesley H in Livingston

Helen Graham said...

They look delicious. Bakewell tart is a favourite in our house. By the way, thank you once again for the heads up about an Aldi voucher. I'll be using mine over the weekend to stock up on basics such as loo rolls.