Thursday, 2 January 2014

Thoughts for today

Rabbitquilter made a good point in her comments that I seem to have posted a long list of things to do or change in 2014, and yet a little while ago, I was talking about slowing down.  She's absolutely right.

The difference is that I have changed the focus.  A lot of the things in the list are about me for a change, things for me, personally.  There's nothing in there about knitting madly as I did in 2013 to send woolly hats to Romania, or busting a gut teaching after school gym clubs three times a week in local schools.

I have slowed down a lot, and recognised that day to day, I have sometimes enough of a challenge just to get through the day with the FH and his pain and problems, dealing with the taxi-service that is my dedication to the girls, and just keeping going with the things I want to do in the village, like the cookbook for the chapel.  I think I have hinted yesterday that I might want to stop doing some things, and some people may not like that, as I have made myself a reliable part of the organisations, but whilst I have been reliable, that does not make me irreplaceable.

Our financial goals are also about the family.  Every penny we manage to save and squirrel away now is a buffer for the future, when we don't quite know what will happen.  I am buying my family time in the future to think, to pray and to make measured decisions.

Pushing myself too hard is not on the agenda this year at all.  I want to make my life a little smaller, a little less stretched, and a lot more focused on God and family.  This blog is an extension of that, in that I have found a huge network of supportive folk out there on whom I can rely for advice and wisdom, courage and support, and you all deserve to be cherished.  Thank you.


Lyssa Medana said...

I think you are absolutely right to look at 'capacity'. A body can only do a finite amount in twenty four hours. So many rely on you. Take care of yourself. WS xxx

rabbitquilter said...

I'm so glad your list is a list of slower things to do!!!! Seriously though, you have thought your forward planning out very carefully, well done you! I love the sound of the cookery book, I will be most interested to hear about that coming to fruition, as I am sure it will. With regards to giving up some of you interests, you are right, no-one is indispensable! The girls are growing so fast it is a pity not to enjoy them! (On good days, of course ha ha!!) Your words are very wise, maybe I should take heed and stop running round after everyone, like a headless chicken myself!! X

Allegra said...

I have been trying to make my life smaller, simpler, more self-contained and focused and above all slower, for quite a while now - and usually if I mention anything of the sort to people I know in real life, they look at me as though I've suddenly grown an extra head. A small life seems to be a derogatory term to most.... But to me, a small life is almost always bigger on the inside. Therefore, I am very, very grateful for the internet and people like you who get the concept !

Morgan said...

Allegra - I blog anonymously because the acquaintances around me in real life are so different from me that if they knew the "me" on this blog, they would think I was very weird! I too am very grateful for the internet and its ability to enable me to share my life with like-minded souls. Thank you for commenting, and validating my witterings!

veeknits19 said...

Yes, it's lovely to find folk with a similar outlook on the Internet. A smaller, simpler life is so fulfilling. Thank you for all you write, love to you & yours Vee x

Unknown said...

Megan, I admire your 2014 goals. You have given tirelessly to your community, church and family. You constantly strive to make sure those around you have enough. Enough, food, shelter, love, your time, patience and understanding. Follow your heart and make sure you have a little enough for yourself also x