Friday, 30 November 2012

St Andrew

Today is St Andrew's Day, patron saint of Scotland, and a host of other countries too.

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The girls were both born in Scotland, so I did tell them this morning that it was "their" saints' day, but neither were terribly interested.....I thought it was a shame, but perhaps when they were rushing around getting ready to go to school wasn't the best time to tell them!

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The West Port in St Andrews, Fife, where I attended the university, years before Prince William!

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And this is the entrance to St Mary's College Quadrangle, where the Divinity school is situated.  It is a lovely area to work, in very old and historic buildings.  There is a room in the library complex in this college where I used to study each day - and the Scottish Parliament used to sit there.  It is called Parliament Hall, surprisingly enough!

St Andrew has a whole page on Wikipedia, so you can pop over there to read more about him.

Happy St Andrew's Day!

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