Thursday, 22 November 2012

Baking day today

Tomorrow is the annual Christmas Coffee Morning at the chapel, and several dozen mince pies have been requested....some will be eaten as refreshments and some will be packaged for sale.  That will be today's job, then.  I also need to dig out a few books and cards to have on a stall, in the hope that someone might want a few little presents, and I probably need to make some  kinds of cake for the refreshments too.  I am the refreshments lady at Coffee mornings, although one of the other ladies usually makes a chocolate log concoction which people rave over, so hopefully she may have time to make one of those this week.

The amazing mince pie recipe is here because I shared it last year.  I will try to add in some photos later when I have made the pies. 

I have been reading recipe books lately and had an idea for a modification of the recipe, which is to grate some orange rind into the pastry.  It sounds like it might add another dimension to the taste.  Alas, I can't try it today as I have no oranges, but perhaps I will try it in a later batch - there will have to be more, for the Songs of Praise afternoon, and for the family here.   

I still haven't spent any thing on groceries, but today might be the day!  I also know that there will be money to pay for the YFG's piano lesson, and for the new Grade 2 pieces book that the teacher gave her last week.  Once I drop her off at the lesson, I have to go to the shops for a few bits like fruit and some chilled items. I am confident that I will spend less than £20 which is the challenge for the week.  I will report back later!

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Lesley said...

I think the orange zest idea would really work! I love baking days. Enjoy yours!