Saturday, 10 November 2012

A day in pictures

Today has been a good one - lots done, and plenty to enjoy!

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First of all, I dropped one of the older ladies from the church off at another church in town, along with the 28 shoeboxes which the craft club has filled for the appeal, and with £70 to send them off.  We think that they might be going to Belarus, but we aren't sure yet.

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Then it was time to go to the gym with the YFG for the Saturday morning training session.  The Olympics has really inspired a generation here, and we are inundated with little boys in particular wanting to have a go!  A busy session today....

Then the YFG and I dashed off to Tesco with my Clubcard vouchers burning a hole in my purse!  I had saved up £30 worth, which I doubled up and spent on some clothes.  All for nothing, really!  My weight loss has meant that I needed some new trousers, so I treated myself to two pairs of cheapish but smart black trousers, and a pair of jeans.  We got a couple of things for the YFG and two pairs of the PJ trousers in warm flannel fabric which the EFG loves.  And some socks.  We always need socks.  There is a sock graveyard here somewhere!

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This afternoon, I spent a little time on the computer, and did some washing too. I had an email from a lady who is distantly related, and she shared her tree with me too, so I spent some time looking at that.  This genealogy is fascinating.

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The YFG made pizza for tea for herself and the FH; the EFG and I did some freezing delving.

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Louis stunned us with a glorious waltz tonight, to the tune, "Moon River" - and we just loved it!  He's our favourite to win...

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And we love Merlin, so we watched that too!

Hope you have had a good day.

A further welcome to the latest follower - hope you say "Hello" in a comment one day!

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Lesley said...

I have a drawer full of odd socks awaiting their mate! I think there are black holes under the children's beds...