Friday, 9 November 2012


A warm welcome to the two new followers who have joined us overnight!

Yesterday I had a day at home: I pottered around, doing all the things I needed to catch up on - 

I changed the bed sheets, and re made it with fresh-smelling linens, from my re-organised linen cupboard.
I was so pleased at the sight of the well made bed, and looking forward to getting into it last night - but the girls decided to watch tv in my room last night, so the poor bed was rather dishevelled by the time I got there at 11.30pm!

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I caught up on three loads of washing, and got most of it hung in the verandah to dry.  Consequently, I now have a fair heap of ironing looking at me!

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I sent the FH off to take the girls to town for the piano lesson, and whilst he was gone, I popped a chicken in the oven to roast, and for the first time this autumn, we had roast potatoes alongside it - lovely, crunchy, crisp roast potatoes - it was gorgeous!

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I also had to spend some time yesterday finding things out after a meeting with the Head at school on Wednesday - there were some issues that we needed more information on, so I did some digging on the internet and found some policies and advice.

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I made some phone calls - much less glamorously than this, though!

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And then last night, for a couple of hours whilst the FH was watching tv, I indulged in some genealogical research - and was delighted at the progress I made.  I found some interesting situations - divorce in the 1930s, workhouse babies, and lots of new relatives kept popping up.  

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All in all, yesterday was a good day spent at home, and I enjoyed myself!
And not a penny spent...


silversewer said...

Thanks for the conditioner, it arrived yesterday, shiny newlt washed hair this morning!!

Gill said...

Hi Morgan
Thank you for the conditioner! Off to use it now!