Sunday, 25 November 2012

Afternoon glory

This afternoon has been absolutely glorious here in the Fens.  I drove to town with the YFG and came the scenic route home for a change.  The skies were blue, the sun was shining and we could see for miles in the crisp, clear air.  The windmill were busy twirling to make electricity, and the wind had died down a little.  It was just lovely.

The chicken shed made it through the day.  I let them out this morning before chapel, and shut the door so that nothing untoward happened whilst we were out, and then I opened it up for them once we got home again.  They have had some of the AF couscous today - about 10 packets emptied into a bucket and a kettle full of hot water poured over it and left to stand.  They were very happy to have something warm and filling in their tummies before bedtime, which seems to come earlier and earlier these dark days!  I will be very glad to get past the 21st December and start the lighter evenings coming our way.

In honour of Stir-up Sunday, the preacher at chapel this morning gave each family a Tesco Alcohol-free Christmas pudding [no alcohol on chapel premises] because he had thought of actually making puddings as part of the service for us to take home to cook, but had then decided that would take too long, so he bought them instead.  It was a lovely gesture, and we have plenty now: in addition to that one, I also have two I made and a small one I bought from Lidl's.

I have been watching the news and seen the devastation which the flooding is causing; I am thinking of people whose homes are inundated yet again, and who must be feeling very low in all of this upheaval.  We have friends in Bridgwater in Somerset, and are keeping a close eye on their updates on Facebook so that we can see how they are faring - they are all OK at the moment.


Angela said...

Those puds cost £2 each - what a generous preacher!! Will not suggest this to Bob, it would bankrupt us

Morgan said...

Just as well for him that we are a small congregation - five families received these puds, and four single ladies received a small, individual portion type pud - but it was still a very generous gesture! He is a lovely man, a retired minister, and we love to have he and his wife come to the chapel - he has some wonderful stories about his life before the ministry to share, as well as his experiences in the ministry. Definitely one of our favourites xx