Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Time or money?

I sat knitting last night for a while, and I was thinking about the scarf I am knitting [whole other post there - must take a photo of it] which I think may be a test run.  I want to use the pattern for some little boys' scarves for the Christmas boxes next year as we were very short of knitted items for little boys.  It would have to be a little narrower than the pattern though, and I don't know how to alter the pattern - waiting for expertise from other knitters on that one.

I have spent £4.40 on two balls of lovely wool to make this scarf, which although not cheap, is not an exorbitant sum.  It is going to take me many hours of knitting to make each one, though, so my time will be a greater donation than my money in this case.

Cybher 2013

I do help to sponsor a child through the ShareNiger project [see button in sidebar] but that is the only thing I do which is pure money.  I feel quite put out sometimes when I see the continuous advertisements in newspapers and on tv which urge us to donate "£3 a month" or some other small amount, to their cause.  Surely they realise that these small amounts add up, and we can't all be donating £36 a year to all the causes.  I certainly can't.

(image from macmillan.org.uk)

The annual Macmillan fundraising which I lead in the chapel, the work I do for the chapel itself, the Christmas boxes, work at the gym and the school, and small financial donations to good causes I support when I can - that is what I do.  It is all I can do, because we don't have the financial resources to just give cash, so I have to make the money go further by injecting it with my time, so to speak, to make more of it.  I do feel bad sometimes when I walk past someone with a collecting tin and don't stop to put anything in, but I think I have to get past this feeling of guilt, and worrying what they will think of me, and just come home and knit another few rows of a scarf and remember that we all do what we can, and we can do no more than that.


Angela said...

We are called to use the gifts God has given us as He directs us. So if He has given us pots and pots of cash, then we should be giving that away. If he has given us the skill to knit, or sew, or bake, then some of our giving ought to be in the form of giving our time and skill to bless others.

We must not judge others [ie 'they are giving a fiver which they won't miss, without even thinking about it' or 'surely she can afford £3 a month'] nor must we let the Devil heap false guilt upon us [for things we haven't done, which we were not called to do in the first place!]
I have been incredibly conscious of that in these past few months when no supply teaching has meant no income for me. But I have had more time - and God has certainly shown me how I should be using/giving it.

The Lord loves a cheerful giver - whether they are giving pennies, fruitcake or stocking stitch!!

Blessings n ALL you do for Him xxx

Wannabe Sybil said...

Everyone has different gifts. Milton said that people also serve who only stand and wait. btw, boy's scarf pattern - match yarn to needles ie 4mm needles to dk or slightly larger needles (helps bulk out the yarn), cast on multiple of three stitches plus two. Knit first and last stitch on every row. Then rib in threes - if you have cast on thirty eight stitches then knit one (k3, p3) to last stitch, knit. Next row, repeat. Continue until yarn used up. If you are going to do a fringe, cut those pieces first (I am rubbish and loathe this so usually skip it) and use rest of yarn in scarf. v basic, looks okay, you can do it while watching tv.

btw - so far I have received £16.33 for Forgotten Village (and been very grateful for it!) and I have tithed that. It may only be a few crumbs, but it is still more than nothing. You may not think that you are contributing lots, but you are still giving, and that's the big bit! hth WS xxx

Lesley said...

I understand how you feel. I honestly feel that time is one of the greatest gifts that we can give. If you were to add the number of hours that you spend on voluntary work, and multiply that by the minimum wage, you might get some idea of how much you are really donating! I am sure that it would be a lot!

Cheapchick said...

It takes far more effort to give such time as you already devote than some cash. Give cash when you can but most charities would also love your time:) which you are already are giving with your Scarves

Wannabe Sybil said...

Lesley is right - a willing heart and the time at minimum wage (and the love that goes with it!) is worth a lot! WSxxx

Morgan said...

You are all very supportive and kind in your comments - it is a blessing to have friends such as you all xxx