Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Spending update

Since I posted on Monday about the Grocery challenge I am doing this week, I haven't spent anything on food yet.  In fact the only spending at all has been £1.05 on some photocopying for the church!

Tonight's slow cooker meal is going to be some of the rabbit I bought in Holt whilst we were on holiday last month.  I have popped it into the slow cooker with a tin of chopped tomatoes and some garlic, and it will cook slowly until about 8pm tonight.  The aroma is already appetising!  I know that the girls probably won't want rabbit, so I have got some meatballs out of the freezer for them.  I still have enough vegetables between fresh ones and frozen to last another couple of days at least, so we are good to continue with the challenge.

Slightly disappointed with my Approved Foods delivery which was ordered last week and scheduled for delivery today - I had to get in touch because there was no delivery slot on the DPD website, and apparently the package is so damaged that DPD have decided not to deliver it to me but to send it back.  AF are sending another one out today, but sans the Matthew Walker Christmas Puddings that we were looking forward to - I was going to use a couple of them for Christmas hampers for gifts and a raffle prize for the chapel on Friday.  Never mind - I shall have to change my plans a little.  I could always make a couple as I think I have everything I would need, apart from the pudding bowls...

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Gill - That British Woman said...

Rabbit is so expensive over here, not that I am a fan of rabbit anyway.

Shame about the Christmas Puddings.