Friday, 2 November 2012

More holiday photos

This is the peace and quiet of the caravan site - a 240 acre woodland with walks and paths through it to the static caravans, whereas the touring caravans and tents are on more open heathland.  The sunlight through the trees can be especially pretty.

This shows the path through the woods down towards the railway line.  

When we got down through the woods to the railway line, I was thrilled to hear the chuff-chuff sound of the steam train coming up the hill!  We sat at the camp halt and waited to see the train pass within a foot or two of where we sat!  I believe this is called the Poppy Line and it runs from Sheringham to Holt, stopping at Weybourne.  Trains do stop at the camp halt but only on the return journey when it is downhill!

My favourite view from the camp halt across the fields towards Weybourne and the windmill there.

Slightly to the left of the first view, in larger versions, you can see Sheringham Shoal wind turbines in the sea in this shot - faint white lines in the sea on the horizon.  Click on the picture and make it bigger and then you will see them!

I do enjoy the woodland and the trees in this area - it is SO different from the flatness of the Fens!

Can you spot the squirrel in the middle of this picture?  It has a mouth full of leaves, which it then took up into the trees into its drey, high above the path.  We stood and watched it for several minutes, and it took quite a roundabout route to get to the little home it had made in the treetops, then another squirrel came along and went much more directly to the drey.


Lesley said...

It looks like a very beautiful, peaceful place. Fantastic photos!

saving for travel said...

I love the photos of the views. And what a blissful place for the caravans to be. Wow!

Yes, it was the Poppy line stream train that we went on. A great day out and you can get on and off. Which we did.

We had a nice time at our final destination of Holt too.

Love the cheeky squirrel.

Sft x

Wannabe Sybil said...

Beautiful pics! WS xxx