Thursday, 15 November 2012

Voucher success

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As I said here, I was inspired by Sue to go and use some of the vouchers I have which are about to expire.  Yesterday afternoon in Boots, I bought 10 of those same shower gels, and 2 packs of Boots hair dye which I use, which was also on a "Buy 2 for £6" offer instead of their usual £4.07 each.  Then I let the YFG choose a little gift for a friend who is having their birthday tomorrow, with the remaining £4 on the voucher.  Voucher well spent, and thanks for the inspiration, Sue!


Pooh's Abode said...

well done on your bargains...I also need to go to Boots to spend a voucher

Anonymous said...

Lol we're all doing it. They only had 8 shower gels left in my small local Boot*, so I'm left with £6 of points - better than nothing though :)

Morgan said...

@Laura - Yes, Boots are probably wondering why they are having a particular run on that shower gel!! It is a good bargain and the fragrances are beautiful xx

@pooh's Abode - hope you snaffle some bargains with your voucher too - thanks for dropping in xx