Monday, 19 November 2012

Mid month finance update

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Before I start, I just want to say two things - a warm welcome to the latest followers who have joined up, and that I am thinking of all those people who have been affected by flooding today - some people haven't got over the last floods and now here they are inundated again.  Particularly thinking of people in Perthshire because I know that area a little.  

So, the mid month finance update - a bit late but better late than never.

I have been a little too keen with the savings this time!  I know I told you about the £1123.45 that I want to put into savings before the end of the month...well, I thought I would get off to a flying start, and I moved £400 out of the current account into savings, and I am blowed if I am going to put a penny of it back.  That is a one-way street...but it means that I have to squeak through the next week until we get any more money paid into the bank, and I have bills to pay with what is in there.

"No problem," I know you will shout - "you have all that food in the storecupboards," you will remind me!

And I will agree.  But I do need to buy fresh fruit and veg each week.  You know I have a strange diet of my own and that I am supporting the EFG with her weight loss, so I do need to buy a few items.  And pay for a piano lesson.

So I just opened the latest Sealed Pot, and we have cash!  With the pot's money, and the other bits and bobs I picked up from here and there, I have about £80 in cash.  More than enough for the week.  Thank Goodness for sealed pots.  And it means that I am ready to start SFT's new Sealed Pot challenge in December with an empty pot, hungry and ready to be filled again!

Overall this month, we are getting along quite well. The total amount put in savings so far this month amounts to £600, and the amount I need to save before the end of the year has consequently gone down a little to just  £739.92, which I believe is very do-able.  I would like to get another £150 in there this month, which will leave about £590 to go.  

I know that I have the gymnastics after school income to come when I invoice for it in December, and the first of the book sales is coming up at the end of the week.  Every penny counts!  Another will be on the 1st December [to be confirmed] and the last will be on the 9th December.  Between the three sales, I hope to exceed my £100 target for those.

This week is definitely a Grocery Challenge week so that should help to s-t-r-e-t-c-h things out a little longer.

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