Saturday, 17 November 2012

Happy Birthday!

The FH has celebrated his 75th birthday today with

  • Breakfast in bed
  • Toblerone [one of his favourite chocolates - just a small bar]
  • The latest Andre Rieu DVD - Live in Maastricht - which he watched before he got up, so I am told!
  • Attending a concert at the chapel this afternoon, with his mates, which he enjoyed.  We shared a cake with the others attending, and they sang "Happy Birthday"
  • Speaking to his sister on the phone tonight.  His younger sister.  He has another sister, and she was very fond of her big brother, so I guess that she might have thought of him today - we don't know where she is, after a family falling out over 16 years ago.  We wish her well, where ever she is.
  • And tonight, he has had such a busy day that he is contemplating retiring to bed already and watching the DVD again...then again, perhaps he'll stay up for Casualty...such an exciting life we lead here!!
  • Planning now to get his free bus pass to add to his free TV license.

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