Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Crunching numbers


That is THE number in question, and represents the amount I need to save or acquire in extra income to put in savings by the end of the year to hit my target of saving £5000 this year.

That is quite a lot of dosh for only about 6 weeks of time remaining, but I really want that sense of accomplishment of a goal achieved this year!

I have some income that I can expect:

£150 from after school gym club which I will invoice at the end of term.
Sales of books at two village events in the next few weeks - probably totalling about £100.

So that is £250 down, £873.45 to go........

What can I do?

  • List some books on Amazon as I sold some on there last Christmas.  Price them to sell!
  • Have some "£21 challenge" weeks where I cut the costs of our groceries back to the bone.  The savings from that can go into the pot.
  • Continue to save from our regular income - I have already put £250 in this month already.
  • Look around and see if we have anything we can sell on Ebay that is mine or the FH's.  No use selling anything that the girls have finished with for this goal as they will have the money for their things.  What could I part with? [Must look at my clothes now that I have shrunk a little - perhaps there are some nice items there I could part with...]
  • Be controlled and creative with the Christmas spending.  Like Sue over at Our New Life in the Country, I have some vouchers to spend, so I can use them instead of real cash.

There may be other things that I come up with, but that is a place to start.

Do you have annual goals?  How are they shaping up?


Angela said...

My goal was to remain solvent all through the year - and lack of work has meant this WAS seriously in doubt last week. The good news is that yesterday I heard I may have some teaching work in December. Trusting the Lord, who never lets us down...

I looked at Amazon - my saleable books are worth a total of £2.25 so I may not bother!!

blessings xx

Wannabe Sybil said...

I am really impressed at what you have achieved - and at the determination you have shown! WS xxx

Morgan said...

@Angela - glad to hear that things are looking up on the teaching front.

Thanks for dropping in x

Morgan said...

@Sybil - thanks - it has been hard work, and we have been very blessed by lots of opportunities xx

Lesley said...

I don't have annual goals - maybe I should! What is that saying - if you aim for nothing you will hit it?! I will have to have a think. You have done really well and been so focused.

@Angela-I am so pleased you've got some work!

Morgan said...

Thanks for these lovely comments. The fact of the matter is that I know I am not always going to be in the situation I am in now, and I need to have as large a cushion as possible for the future!

I have plans for the future, and they won't all happen at once, and they do mean I am never going to earn a lot, unfortunately.

I am also doing what I can to have a little put by to cushion the girls when they want to go to uni - I am never going to have enough to pay their expenses, but if I can send them a wee bit now and again towards books or clothes etc then I will be happy.

Bryallen said...

Nice one! You can do it! :) Let us know how it goes.