Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Menu planning for the week

So many people do a "Menu plan Monday post" that I thought I would be different and leave it to Tuesday!

Today I leave the family to fend for themselves whilst I am the gym club, so they need to be able to make something fairly simple that ticks all their boxes.....they are having cold corned beef with mash and veg and pickles.

Wednesday is another tricky situation this week where I have an after school club to run, and then have to get home and get people fed before I have a meeting at 6.30pm and the EFG has Guides at 7.30pm.  This is where something in the slow cooker could come in very handy - quite what I don't know, but I will raid the freezer and get that sorted later.  At least I know the basic plan.

Thursday is easier because I will be home once I have dropped the YFG off at her piano lesson.  This is quite often a day when we have a more traditional meal with meat, potatoes and veggies.  Today will be roast chicken portions with gravy and Yorkshire puds as well.  I will be making use of the oven on Thursday night to make mince pies for the church coffee morning on Friday, so it will be good to make the most of having the oven on.  I might even do the FH one of his favourite crumbles.

Friday is a day when the kids like to do their own tea.  They will be freezer delving when we get back from gym, and they could end up with meal portions which I have frozen earlier, or hot cheese sandwiches with soup, or even beans on toast.  It will be quick and simple, that is for sure. [And I won't be cooking it...]

On Saturday, I am looking forward to spending the afternoon at home now that the YFG has stopped doing ballet due to scheduling hassles with the teacher, and we have nothing on this Saturday.  I will be popping some baked potatoes into the mini oven and leaving them to it for about an hour.  They'll be served with beans, cheese, salad, tuna perhaps, whatever is lurking in that storecupboard and needs using up from the fridge!

And on Sunday, I think I might have a bit of a cooking session.  I know that I have chicken breasts and mince in the freezer, so will be planning to make some portions for meals that we can just take from the freezer on nights when there isn't a lot of time.  Tea will be portions of something I make - or some of Froog's lamb faggots which have been in the freezer a couple of weeks now - there aren't many portions of those left!

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